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How Do I Complete a Physical Inventory?

Performing a physical inventory is an excellent way to get an accurate count of the inventory you have on-hand. Take a look at the following steps to learn how to successfully complete a physical inventory. For The Uniform Solution Cloud customers, click here to see a guide for Cloud multi-store considerations.

    • Go to: Activities > Physical Inventory
    • In the Operation drop-down menu, select Physical Inventory
    • Select F2-Clear List if there are currently items on this list

    • Make sure the Scan Store is set to the desired location
    • Once the list is completely clear, you’re ready to get started
    • Now it’s time to scan all of your items.
      • Don’t scan on-hold items from Special Orders or Layaway’s because these values are not adjustable from Physical Inventory.
    • Prior to updating your physical inventory with the list you just scanned, we highly recommend running two reports – Physical Inventory Exception and Physical Inventory Comparison. (You can get to these reports by going to Reports>Inventory>Physical Inventory)
    • Once you’re finished scanning, select the F5-Update button
    • The Update Inventory with Scanned Count screen will appear
        • Under Vendors to Update, select “All”
        • Under Styles & Products to Update, select “All”
        • Under Departments to Update, select “All”
      • Under Local Stores to Update, select the store you would like to update
    • Once all of the desired settings are chosen, select OK
    • An active screen entitled Ready to Update Inventory? will appear. Make sure to read the message carefully, and once you are ready to update your entire inventory, select Yes
  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed a physical inventory.
Updated on December 18, 2018

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