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Issues with Discontinued Items

How to check the configured settings for the inventory codes.

Discontinued Items with code DISC or ADISC still showing up on orders?

First, find the inventory item in question.

1. Open Lists > Inventory.
2. Click on the Show inactive box in the bottom-right.

Verify the Code associated with the item.

3. You will see the code associated with this item in the Current Color and Code section.

Verify the settings assigned to this code.

4. Open the Inventory Standards menu by clicking Lists > Inventory Standards.

5. Then double-click on the code.

6. And ensure that the Do not allow items to be ordered (i.e. discontinued) box is checked.

7. Having this checkbox marked will ensure that items under this code (DISC) will NOT be allowed on orders.
8. After you finish making changes click OK to exit configuration.

Updated on August 4, 2017

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