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MagTek tDynamo Troubleshooting “Reading” issue

If a user reports an inability to read a card with the MagTek tDynamo device, please evaluate the following before making any physical configuration or software changes:

  1. LED lights on the device. Observe for at least five seconds and report on which LEDs are illuminated, in which color, and whether steady or flashing.

  2. Cable status – which cable connects the device to the computer (side cable or cradle cable). If using the cradle cable verify that the reader is locked into the cradle.

  3. Date and time of the last unsuccessful swipe so we can better evaluate the logs.

Once the above information has been collected you can take the following steps to try to resolve the problem.

  1. If no lights are on steady or flashing (i.e. the reader is completely dark) then most likely it has powered down. Press the power button on the side of the device to power it up and try a card read again.

  2. If the reader is powered up, use the MagTek demo program to try to read the card (see instructions below).

  3. If the MagTek demo program can read the card, restart TUS and see if it can read the card. If TUS cannot read the carad then send MagTek.log and the current Process*.log to development. If POS debugging is not enabled then enable it for future reports.

  4. If the MagTek demo program can’t read the card either then check the following. After each step use the demo program to try to read the card. If you can read the card then try TUS.
    * Unplug the USB cable and plug it back in
    * Unplug the USB cable and plug it into a different USB port
    * Try a different USB cable
    * Restart the computer

If you are able to get the reader working please still report the steps taken and the outcome back to development. Thanks!

DEMO Program: 

Use the MagTek demo program to independently verify the operation of the reader. We ship the runtime DLLs so if you are running the demo inside our current application directory then you can use MagTekDemo.zip. Otherwise you will need MagTekDemoWithRuntime.zip.



Run MTNetDemo.exe:

Make sure the Type is USB. If no device shows in the ID field press the refresh button (above the Clear button). If you still don’t see a device ID then the demo program cannot see the reader and you have a connection problem or the reader is otherwise not functioning normally. Try power cycling the reader, changing USB cables and ports.

Once you have a valid device ID showing you can proceed with the test.

  1. Press the Connect button. The demo program should respond with a message to the effect that the device is connected.

  2. Press the Set Time button. The reader needs to know the current date/time to function properly. If you neglect to do this the next step will fail.

  3. Press the Start button to initiate a card read. The output from the card read should look something like this:

Updated on July 14, 2022

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