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On-Site Selling License

As we have two different types of license structures for customers, the number one question that gets asked is what the difference is between the two. We have the full scale version of The Uniform Solution as well as the On-Site version of the program. As the on-site is typically used as a mobile selling platform, and fulfillment is usually done at the main location, some of the features have been dialed back. This gives a lower price model while still maintaining a robust operation. You can find a list of features that are not available in the on-site license below.

Uniform Solution+ Month-to-Month On-Site Selling License | Desktop Version

A single month, single user, single On-Site desktop license for US+ for Windows. This version is for On-Site sales and sales reps. It cannot create Purchase Orders, Receiving Lists, process Accounts Receivable, and cannot be used for six consecutive days during a period. This license does not contribute to licensing discounts and requires a full function US+ license to support its activities. It cannot host a WebStore.

Uniform Solution+ Month-to-Month Selling Location License* | Desktop Version | Cloud Version

A single month, single user, single location desktop license for US+ for Windows, the WebStore with the Shopping Cart, Mobile Apps, use of all Connected Features, and 2-hours of Technical Support for the first location license and 1-hour per each additional location.
*A credit card must be placed on file with DDS for automatic payment and renewal. The 1st payment will occur on the activation date. Future payments will occur 7 days prior to expiration of the license. This license may be cancelled at any time. A connection to the Internet on the computers running US+ is required.

Updated on July 1, 2019

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