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Release Notes: Version 6.14 – 2017

6.14 Revisions

  1. WebStore Work Orders. Work orders without a default option set up were displaying the 1st option, instead of having nothing selected and requiring the user to make a selection. Fixed now.
  2. US Mobile Item Lookup. Scanning and item would sometimes fail to locate an item. Fixed now.
  3. WebStore Phone Numbers. In some cases new phone numbers entered during the checkout process did not retain the proper formatting with the area code. Fixed.
  4. Open Special Orders Report. When limited to a single vendor, the report did not limit the output to only “open” items for that vendor, it included special orders that were open even if the item was fulfilled.
  5. Inventory Report. When this report was memorized for a single vendor it did not work properly. Fixed now.
  6. Invoices/Receipts. Items on order were not alway printed in “bold” properly. Fixed now. Regression in RC2 fixed in RC4. Printing negatives for transfers fixed in RC5.
  7. Batch AutoStart. Services the Polling station was unable to close all remote stations in some instances. Revised. Each station now closes itself 2 minutes before the Batch begins. The close time is displayed at the bottom of the Activity Menu.
  8. Edwards VStock. Revised a setting required for Edwards VStock to work properly.
  9. Gift Card Manual Entry. With a Payment Processing interface active the payment integration was activating when Gift Cards were set to not use the interface. Fixed now.
  10. Class and Promo Codes. Remote locations should not be allowed to add Class or Promo Codes. Fixed now.
  11. Sales Entry Edit Customer. If a customer is not changed after selecting to Edit their record, the customer pricing and tax routines are not applied.
  12. Detailed Item Sales and Max/Min Sales Analysis. Fixed an issued that kept some of the memorized report options from working properly. Existing memorized reports for Detailed Item Sales and Max/Min Sales Analysis should be deleted and re-memorized.
  13. Saes by Month and Year on Inventory List. Revised this procedure to total values from actual invoices instead of using counters.
  14. WebStore Link Account. Linking accounts to a existing retail account was not working if there was only one store defined. Fixed Now.
  15. WebStore Media Library. Media library graphics now load/download to the WebStore like expected. If an image does not immediately display, hitting F5 on the browser will display the image as soon as it has been downloaded to the Web Server.
  16. Updating Inventory Styles. Reduced the time it takes to save modifications to a Style record.
  17. Barco POS data Sharing. Barco can now be set up to send them your POS data for analysis. Select File > Point-of-Sale Data Sharing. Please talk to your Barco rep before activating this feature.
  18. 4EurSole. 4EurSole is now providing images of their products.
  19. WebStore. Fixed a memory leak in 6.14 Release Candidates. This could cause a busy web server to gpf after a week of running.
Updated on December 1, 2017

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