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Release Notes: Version 6.15 – 2017

6.15 Revisions

  1. WebStore Work Orders. WebStore orders could not be created after taking a payment with xWeb if “third-party” cookies are disabled on the users browser. Fixed Now.
  2. Webstore Payments. Payments that were taken by xWeb, CIP, or Paypal and an order was not created did not properly void the charge as part of the review process. Fixed now.
  3. WebStore Transactions. Changing the system license number would prevent WebStore transactions from being saved if transactions already occurred for the month. Fixed now.
  4. Web Server. Added a 2nd review of all credit card charges to verify an invoice exists. If an invoice is not found, the Charge is Voided and an Alert Message is created.
  5. Web Log Table (File > Logs > Web Server Logs > Pending. Added the ability to view pending orders that are no longer “active”. Just select “Show deleted” to view them. You can also create a Quote from a deleted pending order and view all the details about the order that was not completed.
  6. Webstore. Fixed an issue with the Shopping Cart that could result in a GPF during heavy usage.
  7. WebStore Work Orders and MS Edge. Completing a customization to an item using a Work Order form in the WebStore was requiring “non-required” fields to have a value in the Microsoft Edge browser. This has been fixed.
  8. POS Data Sharingk. If the WebStore was not active, POS Data Sharing did not send files automatically as expected. Also, an Alert message was created if a POS Data Sharing was active but not for all vendors. If you elected to not send pricing information, the column headings were blank. These issues have been fixed.
  9. AutoBatch. The Batch would not start on the polling station or close when on the Logon Window was displayed. Fixed Now
  10. Department Comparison Report. Items without departments did not properly print “Unassigned” as it should on items without departments. Fixed now.
  11. 4EurSole (RockyBrands) EDI. 4EurSole (RockyBrands) is a “Connected Partner” and now providing EDI functionality. You can contact Customer Care at (800)848-9452 or orders@rockybrands.com to get your account set up. Make sure you set 4EurSole on the “Connected Tab” of the Vendor Form to activate this connected functionality.
  12. White Cross Images. White Cross has moved the location of their image files. 6.15 is required to download new image files.
  13. Chefwear and Landau Connected Features. The connected options for Chefwear now use the same internal settings as Landau. Both options in the Connected Vendor drop list behave the same. Chefwear image files should now automatically download.
Updated on December 1, 2017

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