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Release Notes: Version 6.23 – 2018

6.23 Final

  1. Texts and Receipts Emails. If the Web Server failed to be notified by the POS application a text or email was ready to be sent, it was possible if might not be sent until the Web Server performed its daily restart. The Web Server now checks for emails and texts to be sent every 3 minutes except from the hours of 3am to 6am.
  2. Tax Rule Application. Editing a Sales Entry transaction when Tax Rules are active in the POS application could result in setting the shipping tax incorrectly if a Billed Account and Sub-Account had different sales tax settings. This has been fixed.
  3. Connected Feature Changes. GO2 Compression Socks added images. Logo added for Cherokee.
  4. Contract Sales Previous Year Comparison. This report could include items for a contract incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  5. Gift Card Revisions. ChargeItPro gift cards entered in Item Entry instead of the Scan Qty field were credited to the Gift Card twice. This has been fixed. Also Gift Card refunds were not being properly authorized if entered in ItemEntry. This has also been fixed.
  6. ChargeItPro Sales Tax. Tax Exempt sales showed a sales tax of 0.01 on the ChargeItPro screen as was required to ensure Level II processing for X-Charge. ChargeItPro does not require sales tax to be passed for Level II processing to work and has been changed to show an amount of 0.00.
  7. Inventory Reports. Reports that limited a report to a size with a space in the size did not work correctly. Fixed now.
  8. Low Stock Warning. The low stock warning was activating on non-inventory items. This has been fixed.
  9. Inventory Aging Report. When a single vendor was selected, the report still reviewed all vendors before limiting the report to the single vendor. This has been revised to limit review to the single vendor and is now faster.
  10. F10-Email. If you select to F10-Email on the Sales or Purchase Order List and you have never selected a default Printer for Reports, a more user friendly prompt is now displayed asking you to select the printer to use for PDF’s.
  11. POS Data Share. Landau requested an update to the format of the data being sent. Done.
  12. WebStore Add to Cart. An item could be stopped from being added to the cart if the vendor did not have stock, but require vendor to have stock was turned off. Fixed now.
  13. WebStore Contract Items. When an item on a contract specified a color, but no color record was found for the Vendor in the Inventory Standards List, the item would show a $1B price, and there were not items that could be added to the Cart on the ItemDetails page. Fixed now.
  14. Catalog Color Descriptions. Vendors that updated color descriptions for their items were not always getting updated when running the Catalog Utility. Fixed now.
  15. New WebStore MyAccount Options. Selecting to view customer purchase history now displays a sub-menu with the following options: Sales History, Open Orders, Shipped Orders, My Payments, My Account Settings, Items Purchased Summary, and Items Purchased by Date. All options include a new date range selection to quickly narrow the search for purchases or items. If the customer has sub-accounts, a drop list is displayed and the list can be limited to a single sub-account. These new features also include the option to view a summary of item purchases within a date range, and the option to view items purchased by date.
  16. Comparison Sales Reports. These reports could display different results when run for a single vendor or all vendors if inventory items were deleted since they were sold and included on the report. This has been fixed.
  17. WebStore Customize. The “Customize” option to add a Work Order to items in the WebStore was not formatted correctly. This has been fixed.
  18. WebStore Contract Price. No longer showing the Retail Price on the Product Page Grid if the Retail Price is less than the Contract Price.
  19. Inventory Export. Selecting the option to only export non-zero values was not working properly. Fixed to match the on-line Help.
  20. SQL Server 2016. Microsoft SQL Server Express is now installed as the default SQL Server database.
  21. VFC EDI. EDI was not working because TLS 1.2 is required. This has been fixed.
  22. Klogs Footwear. Klogs Footwear is now providing images of their items.
  23. SPI Images. Images were not properly being downloaded if the vendor code was different than the Catalog.
Updated on June 22, 2018

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