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Release Notes: Version 6.70 2023

v6.70 New/Revisions

1. WebStore Reward Points. WebStore orders now add rewards points on orders saved as a “Sale”.
WebStore Orders saved as an order continue to add Reward points on Delivery like before.

2. UniformPay Manual Entry. UniformPay manual entry now has the option to select the Country of origin for a credit card.
This will enable foreign credit cards to be manually entered if needed.

3. MS SQL Express Installer. MS SQL Express 2022 is now installed when a SQL DB is needed for
The Uniform Solution and the PC or Server is running Windows 10 and above. You can install 2016 SQL Server Express
by downloading and running USWSQL2016Express.exe. USWSQLExpress.exe can be downloaded and will install the 2022 MS SQL Express if possible.

4. TUSe Order Import Sales Tax. When the WebStore Config is set to use Tax Rules, Imported Orders
should assign matching the Alternate TaxRates based on the tax rules.

5. Sales Entry Sales Tax Selection. With Tax Rules Active in System Settings > Professional Tab, a user selected Store
or Alternate Tax Rate was not being saved. Fixed now. DDS-1500.

6. Transactional Email. Transactional Emails are used to send POS receipts and WebStore emails.
We have moved our Service provider from Dyn to AWS. DDS-1432.

Updated on May 24, 2023

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