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UniformPay Monthly Billing

You will see two charges to your bank account for your UniformPay service. To see a breakdown of what each charge consists of run the Funding Summary Report in the Merchant Portal for the date the charges posted to your bank account.

The withdrawals from the bank account will appear in parentheses


Click on the Funding ID of each withdrawal to see the breakdown.

One will be for Non-Transaction Fees

Non-Transaction fees are your reoccurring monthly service fees. The Card Monthly Fees (terminal lease fees), Account Updater Per Update Fees, and PCI Management Fees are all assessed by The Uniform Solution and will not change month to month unless you add or subtract leased hardware.

The remaining fees will vary each month and are assessed by the different card issuers. We have no control over these fees and they cannot be waived or modified.

The second, and usually larger, withdrawal will be the transaction fees we assess for each sales transaction.

Each transaction ID can be clicked on to view the details of that transaction.

Updated on May 25, 2021

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