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UniformPay Terminal Activation: Ingenico Lane/5000


All these steps can be completed PRIOR to switching over your active integration within The Uniform Solution. For the smoothest swtich over process, please complete these steps prior to when you want to switch to using UniformPay as your active processor.


The Lane/5000 requires a minimum internet speed of 5Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. If your internet and network does not support these speeds, activation will fail. Be sure to allow for other applications using your network when determining if enough bandwidth is available.

Setting up the Ingenico Lane/5000

The Ingenico terminal requires it’s own wired Ethernet connection to the internet. If you do not have an open Ethernet port on the wall or on your router/switch, please contact us so that we can discuss alternative methods to connect the terminal.

  1. Insert the data cable provided into the the bottom of the terminal.
  2. Insert the power cable provided into the the data cable.
  3. Connect the terminal to the network via Ethernet connection.
    1. Existing Ethernet wall jack to router/switch
    2. Direct to router/switch
    3. If the ethernet port is farther than the included 6ft terminal cable will reach, it will be necessary to connect a Cat5 ethernet coupler and an additional Cat5 cable of sufficient length to reach the port. A coupler may be purchased at Lowe’sBest BuyStaples, or Amazon.
  4. Once the device boots up, you will see an activation code on the screen

Port 9001 must be open if you have a firewall. Please give the support team a call if you have any issues and/or see this article on issues prior to activation: https://fullsteam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035057271-Verifone-Mx915-or-Mx925-terminal-device-issues-before-activation

Activating UniformPay Terminal within The Uniform Solution

Please watch the below video, or if you prefer written instructions they can be viewed below.


  1. Make sure you have the device powered on and displaying the activation code.
  2. Under Payments in the Home tab, select UniformPay Merchant Portal
  3. A notice screen will let you know that you are not currently setup for UniformPay and ask if you would like to activate terminals. Select “Yes”
  4. Enter in your Merchant Identifier for API provided to you via email. Contact the support team if you do not have this.
  5. In MerchantTrack, select Terminals and then View Terminals
  6. Input the Activation Code, name the devices something distinctive so you know which one in your store it is, and select Activate
  7. After the device updates and downloads any needed files, it should display a TriPOS logo on screen. Your device is now activated and ready to go! Contact the support team for UniformPay setup to activate the integration within your software once you are ready to go live.
Updated on April 21, 2021

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