Starting with version 6.51, we’ve added the ability to use coupons in the webstore. Once set up, coupons allow you to advertise codes on your website that unlock certain sales when entered in the shopping cart window.


  1. To set up coupons, go to Setup > Coupons. This opens your list of coupons.
  2. Once there, select coupon and then new coupon to create a coupon.
  3. This opens up the Adding Coupon window. In this window fill out the information you want to set up for the coupon:
    1. Name – Internal name for the coupon
    2. Code – Code you want customers to use in the shopping cart
    3. Start / End Date – Time period the coupon is active
    4. Discount (Percent / Amount) – Percent discount or set dollar amount off
    5. Minimum Sub-Total – Minimum sub-total for the coupon to be active
    6. Apply to Contract Items – Either yes, no, or when “Always use contract price” isn’t selected
    7. Coupon Stores – The store(s) the coupons can be used for

What the Customer Sees

Upon checkout, a new step will be added to the process where the customer is asked for a promotion code.

Make sure to post the code on your homepage so that the customer knows the code.

Updated on July 6, 2021

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