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Release Notes: Version 6.73 2024

v6.73 New/Revisions


  1. Jaanuu Connnected Features. Jaanuu now supports all connected partner features for EDI, ASN’s, Images, and vStock. Make sure you set the”Company” to Jaanuu on the Vendor Form > Purchasing > Connected    Options Tab.
  2. Fechheimer vStock. Fechheimer has revised their vStock webservice to use a new endpoint.  This update is required for Fechheimer to work properly. DDS-1823.
  3. Medical Amour. Medical Amour now now provides images for their items. Make sure you set the proper “Company” to Medical Amour on theVendor Form > Purchasing > Connected Options Tab
  4. TributeWear. TributeWear now provides images for their items. Make sure you set   the proper “Company” to TributeWear on the Vendor Form > Purchasing > Connected Options Tab
  5.  AutoCreate PO. The Advanced Tab was not properly displaying checkboxes at the bottom of the window to separate po’s by store unless “Items sold within a date range was selected”. Fixed now. DDS-1956
  6.  Memorized Reports. The Memorized Report List now shows the store numbers set to run for the reports. DDS-2004.
  7. Master-Slave Web Servers. Slave or secondary Web Servers come in and out of  Maintenance mode within 30 seconds of the Master Web Server. Also resolved an issue with the primary Web Server not leaving Maintenance mode if it missing a message from POS. DDS-1867.
  8. UPay Manual Form. Fixed an issue that could make the manual form fail to process transactions less than 10 cents. DDS-1841.
  9. WebStore Sales Tax Options. Added (2) new WebStore sales tax settings on the WebStore Configuration form. Both provide the option to always apply the Alternate Sales Tax rate for the customer before applying Tax Rules. Select Shopping Cart > Settings > Sales Tax Option. DDS-2016
  10. Store Renumbering. Renumbering a store number did not renumber the “owner” of an invoice. Fixed now. DDS-2036
  11. Sales List “Ref No.” Column. This column will expand to be wider when invoice numbers grow larger than 9,999,999. DDS-2036
  12. DataMerge. The DataMerge process has had the following improvements:
    (1) the Pre-test could fail a pre-test query on store numbers and has been resolved  (DDS-1944), (2) deleted manufacturers showed the incorrect vendor name on deleted vendors. Now skipping deleted vendors.
Updated on June 6, 2024

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