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Signing Up for Drive HQ

Diamond Data Systems is not affiliated with DriveHQ in any way. This is a step by step document on how to sign up for FTP services through DriveHQ, a common solution our customers use for their FTP batch needs.

Create an Account

  1. In your internet browser, navigate to https://www.drivehq.com
  2. From the top right, hover over “SIGN UP”, and fill in the pertinent information.
  3. DriveHQ will then send an email to the email address you used to sign up. Click on the activation link they send to finalize your account setup.

    Sign up for FTP Service

    1. Once you are logged in to your account after activation, select the “Upgrade” option.
    2. This will take you to the “Order a New Subscription” screen. From here, select the “Regular Plans” tab. The “Personal Entry Plan” is all you need to work with The Uniform Solution. We recommend paying for at least the Annual amount upon sign up. Which paid plan you choose is up to you, but please be aware that the free only version will NOT work with The Uniform Solution.**
    3. At the bottom, select your agreement to the terms and conditions.
    4. Choose your payment method, and complete the purchase.

    Setup FTP Credentials

    1. In The Uniform Solution, under Setup select Multi-Location Polling.
    2. From the window that pops up, navigate to the FTP Settings tab.
    3. For FTP Address you will enter in the following: proftp.drivehq.com.
    4. For Login Name, enter in your username or email address for your Drive HQ account.
    5. Password will be whatever your DriveHQ password was set to.
Updated on August 22, 2017

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