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Twilio Account Setup

Setup Your Twilio Texting Platform

You can now easily send texts to your customers to notify them that an order is ready for pickup, their order has shipped, or for any number of purposes.

Do you need your own Twilio account?

The Uniform Solution already includes texting services. You only need to configure your own Twilio account if you desire to send more than 500 texts per location each year. And with your Twilio account, you can also receive replies back from the text you send.

These are the initial steps to help you configure your Twilio account to start working with The Uniform Solution. You will sign up for a Twilio account, and then confirm your mobile number (don’t worry, this isn’t the number your customers will see). After you confirm your mobile number you will select a Twilio phone number that will be used to communicate with your customers. And finally you will upgrade from the free account and submit your account info into The Uniform Solution.

Twilio Pricing

If you would like to see the pricing for your own Twilio account visit www.twilio.com/sms/pricing

Start your Twilio sign up

1. Visit the Twilio website (www.twilio.com)
2. Click on Sign Up
3. Enter your information in the Sign Up form (note the selections in the drop-down menus)
4. Click Get Started to proceed

Confirm your mobile number

4. In order to confirm your account you need to provide a mobile number
5. Twilio will send you a confirmation code via the mobile number you provide

Choose a Twilio number to communicate with your customers

6. Click on either of the Getting Started or Get Started options

7. Then click Get a number

8. A Twilio number will appear
Note: you can look for other phone number options by clicking Search for a different number and entering your desired area code in the search.

9. Choose your new Twilio number

Upgrade your Twilio account beyond the trial version

10. Click on the Console Dashboard button in the top-left

11. Then click Upgrade
12. And fill out the payment information form
13. Click Upgrade Account at the bottom when finished

Add your Twilio account to The Uniform Solution

14. Go to General Settings by clicking on the (1) Console Dashboard, then (2) Settings
15. Click (3) AUTH TOKEN (or the string of dots) in the Live Credentials section to show the Authorization Token

16. Now open The Uniform Solution to input the previous account info
17. Go to Setup > System Options and select tab 6. Texting
18. Under Account Type: select My Twilio account

19. Now we will copy over the Account SID and AUTH TOKEN from Twilio

20. And paste them respectively into The Uniform Solution
Note: The Account SID and AUTH TOKEN are case-sensitive so be sure to match uppercase letters.

21. Add the mobile number that Twilio provided in the final field titled Text Number:

Configure how customers send messages back to you
Do you want to receive reply messages via Twilio at multiple stores?

Continue through the remaining steps for your main location, and then proceed on to the section titled Multi-Store Setup at the bottom.

22. Go back to the Twilio Console Dashboard and click Manage Numbers

23. On the Configure menu in the Messaging section, select Webhook in the drop-down menu next to A MESSAGE COMES IN
24. Enter in http://Your Web Address/twilioresponse similar to the image below

25. Click save when finished

Test your configuration

26. In The Uniform Solution click on the Test button

27. Enter in your mobile number, or a mobile number that you can use to receive text messages
28. Click Send to attempt the test and receive the message

Congratulations on setting up your Twilio account!

Multi-Store Setup

Requirement to receive reply messages at multiple stores:

Each location must have a static IP address (or host its own WebStore) in order to receive replies.

If you do not wish to receive reply texts specific to each location then you do not need to proceed.

For each location we are going to follow similar instructions as listed above. In order for each location to receive replies they will each need a subaccount on Twilio associated with that unique location.

29. Go back to your Master Twilio account and navigate to the General Settings menu and select Subaccounts

30. Click Create new Subaccount
31. Give this Subaccount a name (perhaps: Store 2) and click Create
32. Next click View Subaccount

33. Select Buy a Number

34. Type your area code and click Search
Note: The chosen phone number from this list will be the number associated with your other store.
35. After you add this number you will need to get the API Credentials from this subaccount and input it into your other store
36. Click on Settings

Note: Be sure that you are still viewing the subaccount information, by verifying (1) the Subaccount’s project name appears in the header. Ensure you are using the ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN (2) from the LIVE Credentials field under API Credentials.

37. Input the Subaccount’s credentials into The Uniform Solution at your other store

38. Next we will set up the reply functions by clicking on the console menu

39. Then select Phone Numbers

40. Select the number for the new store

41. On the Configure menu in the Messaging section, select Webhook in the drop-down menu next to A MESSAGE COMES IN
42.Enter in http://Your Web Address/twilioresponse similar to the image below
Note: If you do not have a WebStore, but you do have a static IP address at that location, you can use your static IP address in place of the web address (example:

Note: You can test this newly added configuration just as we did above in step 26. Repeat steps 29 through 42 for each additional store.

Updated on December 19, 2017

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