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Creating a Credit For Bill-To Customers

Some companies pay for their employees uniforms up front. They do this by cutting a check in the amount that they anticipate the employees will spend. As The Uniform Solution does not have a way to add a credit to an account, we have to go about it in a roundabout way. The steps below will show you exactly how to do that.

  • Create an invoice with a miscellaneous item for the total amount the employer is going to pay.
    • Click on F5-Payment and tender the payment with a check.
  • Open up the invoice that was just created and delete the MISC item.
    • Click on F5-Payment and choose Store Charge/Credit as the payment type.
    • This is going to give us a negative balance on the account to apply credits to for future invoices.
  • When your customer comes in, you will create an invoice that bills to the bill-to account.
    • Once the items are added, click on F5-Payment and then choose Store Charge/Credit for the payment and click OK.
  • This leave the customer with a balance on their invoice. In order to pay for it out of the original $10,000 in this example, we need to receive a payment against it. To do that, click on Home>Payment. Look up the bill-to account (Lemon’s Luxury Line). You’ll see that there is a $10,000 credit available. Click on the Apply Credits option and from there you can either click on F2-Auto Apply, or highlight the invoice and then in the payment field type in the amount of credits you would like applied for each invoice.Then click Next and you’ll be done.
Updated on August 31, 2020

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