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Keyboard Shortcut Guide

The Keyboard Shortcut Guide provides a quick reference of different keyboard shortcuts that were designed to enhance speed when using The Uniform Solution.

Application Hot Keys

Key  Activity
 F1 Help
Ctrl+I Create Invoice
Ctrl+N Inventory List
Ctrl+P Purchase Order List
Ctrl+R Receiving /Transfer List
Ctrl+U Customer List
Ctrl+Y Receive a Payment
Ctrl+O Open Specials & Layaways List
Ctrl+M Vendor/Mfg List
Ctrl+S Sales by Date List
Ctrl+Q Quote List
Ctrl+T Tag Queue Options
Ctrl+D Open Cash Drawer
Ctrl+F5 Maximize a window
Ctrl+F8 Cascade all windows
Ctrl+F9 Close all windows
Ctrl+F10 Log off current user

Date Field Hot Keys 

Key  Activity
T Today
+ (plus key)  Next day
 – (minus key) Previous day
 M First day of the Month
 H Last day of the Month
 Y First day of the Year
 R Last day of the Year
 Arrow Down Calendar

Navigation Hot Keys 

Key  Activity
Insert Add a record to a list
Enter Change a record on a list
Delete Delete a record on a list
Ctrl+L Select the List control on a window
Ctrl+Page-Up Scroll to the top of a list
Ctrl+Page-Down Scroll to the bottom of a list
Ctrl+Enter Select OK on a Form
Ctrl+Escape Select Cancel on a Form

Scan/Quantity Field – Quick Entry Actions

 Action Values Description
New Item 100 to 10,000,000 or a UPC barcode Add a new item to the transaction
New Miscellaneous item Asterisk + Price (i.e. *10.25) Add a new miscellaneous item
Discount .00 to .99 Sets the discount off retail for an item
Quantity -1 to -99, 1 to 99, and Q+Number Sets the quantity for an item
Fixed Price 1.00 to 10,000.00 Sets the item’s selling price to a fixed price

Scan/Quantity Field – Invoice Actions

Action Values Description
New Customer ### – ####, or ### – ### – #### Lookup a customer by phone number
New Customer 3 or more characters (i.e. Smith) Lookup a customer by the last name

Scan/Quantity Field – Item Status Keys

 Key  Activity
P Purchase
R Return
S Special Order
W Work Required
DS Drop Ship
F6 Item Notes
T Toggle taxable status on/off
TA Toggle sales Tax rate A on/off
TB Toggle sales Tax rate B on/off
TC Toggle sales Tax rate C on/off
Updated on February 19, 2018

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