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Easy add departments for large inventory list – Sketch

  1. Go to File > Exports > Inventory and export with layout as List. Select the vendor if only doing a certain one. Click OK.
  2. Save CSV.
  3. Open CSV in Excel.
  4. Delete column U and everything after it.
  5. Select Column H (UPC), right-click and select Format Cells. Under the Number tab select number and change decimal places to 0. Click Ok.
  6. Add department codes under column Q (Depart). Make sure codes match what is in TUS as they are case sensitive.
  7. Save CSV file.
  8. In TUS, go to Lists > Vendors and in the lower left Vendor drop-down select Multi-Vendor Import/Update. Click Import on the pop-up. Select the CSV file to import.
  9. In the Multi-Vendor Import\Update options screen uncheck Code, Descriptions, Cost, and Retail if checked. Leave Depart checked. Click next to preview a few items to make sure the Depart codes are correct. If so, click OK.
  10. Ready to Import? Click Yes.
  11. Click OK when import is finished.
Updated on August 10, 2021

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