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Export Customer Emails

  • To only export customers that have an email on file you will need to first use your Filter Settings to separate the customers that have an email.
  • In order to use your Filter settings, first go into your Customer List>Filter Settings.
  • Once in your filter settings, choose the 3. Other tab and choose the bubble next to “Has Email”. After you have that selected, select OK to apply those changes.
  • Once you have your filter settings done, click on the option on the right hand side that says “Filter Activated.” This will apply the filter settings and display only the customers who have email addresses.
  • Once you have filtered your list, click on Tag Options>Tag List.
  • From here, if you simply need to paste in email addresses into a “To” field, you can right click on any of the customers and choose Copy Emails to Clipboard (Tagged). This will copy all the email addresses of the tagged customers so you can paste them into your document. If you need to export the email addresses to a CSV, continue below.
  • Once tagged go into File>Export>Customers.
  • In the export Customers screen, In “Customers To Include” choose Tagged and it will only pull the tagged customers into your .csv file.
Updated on March 18, 2020

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