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Release Notes: Version 6.61 2023

Release Notes

2023 6.61

v6.61 New/Revisions

1. Meavn EDI and vStock. Maevn has updated their EDI and vStock systems to
use new sever locations. Release 6.61rc7 or newer is required to work with their system change on Friday March 24th.

2. WebStore Detailed Description. CBI Descriptions were not being displayed after their migration to a new
ERP system in February. Fixed now.

3. TUSe Orders. Customer Orders saved incorrectly when a “Sale” order type
was used and when paid by credit card. Fixed now.

4. TUSe AfterPay. AfterPay has been implemented in TUSe and requires 661rc2 or newer.

5. Station Log Files. Log files names for stations above 99 were not being displayed correctly. Fixed Now. DDS-1439.

6. WebStore Invoice and Payment Viewing. An error can occur that will prevent a PDF from being viewed by the user.
This error is only resolved when the Web Server is restarted, and is in review by the Development team. DDS-1443.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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