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Release Notes: Version 6.25 – 2018

Release Notes

2018 6.25

David Johnson  – Friday, September 21, 2018

6.25 Revisions

1. WebStore Work Orders. Work Order options that did not specify a
default selected the first item in the list. Now it is Blank.
2. SQL Query Results. Revised the SQL Query output that saves to CSV
to handle quotes in the exported information.
3. First Tactical. First Tactical is a “Connected Partner” and now
providing EDI functionality. You can contact Kathy Buffalow at
kbuffalow@firsttactical.com to get your account set up. Make sure
you set First Tactical on the “Connected Tab” of the Vendor
Form to activate this connected functionality.
4. Inventory List. Fixed a regression that prevented the retail
column on the Style tab with a range to be fully viewed.
5. Receive Payments. Fixed an issue receiving payments for a roll-up
account where there are hundreds of customers in the roll-up.
6. Paypal Canadian Addresses. Fixed an issue formatting Canadian
addresses to enable Paypal to process. Also addressed an issue
on the WebStore shipping address entry for “Country” entry to
work as expected.
7. EasyStreet Shoes EDI. This was failing due to a regression in
6.25RC3 for FTP sending to Unix based servers. Unix requires a
“forward” slash in files names with folders. Fixed now.
8. Open Special Orders Report. This report and the “detail” report can
no be limited to items that are drop shipments or “not” drop
shipments. See the options tab for details.
9. Account Statements and Summary Invoice. These reports can now include
copies of each invoice after the statement or the summary invoice.
Use the option tab to include a copy of each invoice.
Also fixed an issue emailing statements to Rollup accounts.
Statements were being emailed to the first Billed account invoice
instead of the rollup account. This has been fixed.
10. Sales by Department. This report could produce vendor totals when
run for all vendors that was different when run for one vendor.
This has been fixed.
11. Edwards Garment EDI. Please update to this new version to send EDI
orders to Edwards Garment. They are using a new FTP server for
EDI orders.
12. Daily Checkout Report. Fixed a regression in RC3 that prevented
the report from being sent to the receipt printer as selected on
the Settings tab.
13. EdgeExpress. EdgeExpress can now be deactivated for selected
stations that continue to use XCharge for manual entry without
a terminal. Use the following entries in the WebStoreWS.INI
to use Xcharge for those stations.
14. EdgeExpress. EdgeExpress can now be used in Cloud installations. It
requires an [EdgeExpress#] entry, where # is the store number, in
the WebStoreWS.INI file. The Support Team must set this up for each
15. Landau VStock. Landau has implemented a new Web Service and is now
providing the actual number of items in-stock when below 100.
16. Heading Hands. Healing Hands is now providing ASN’s.
17. Special Order Delivery Deposit Credit. When delivering some items on
a paid in full order with shipping that was taxable, the shipping tax was
not included in how much deposit should remain on the original order
when multiple tax rates were used by the store or customer. This has
been fixed.
18. Cloud WebStore.Cloud installations now load the URL specified
in the WebStore configuration when the WebStore button on the
Toolbar is selected.
19. WebStore Group/Contract Sign in Limit. Added the option to limit
WebStore Group Sign in to require the store number for the contract
and the WebStore store number to match. If it does not, the user is
not allowed to sign-in. This feature is activated by adding the option
LimitContractstoWebStore=1 to the [startup] section in the
WebStoreWS.INI file.

Updated on November 6, 2018

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