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Batch Process

The Uniform Solution Batch Process:

If the Cloud solution is not suitable for you, we also offer traditional polling. The Uniform Solution consolidates and distributes data between locations daily in a nightly polling operation using an inexpensive FTP site. The polling operation runs each evening and only sends data that is new or has been changed by a location. This updated information is available right after the polling operation is completed.

The Polling Location

The polling location is the physical location that is usually the centerpiece of multiple location operations. The polling location is typically either the largest store in the retail operation, a warehouse for ordering and distributing merchandise, or the corporate headquarters. It is the location determined to be the most central or the most strategic to the entire retail operation. It is where operations only allowed by one location are best performed. The polling location is responsible for contacting each remote location in the nightly polling operation.

Remote Locations

Remote locations are locations physically located away from the polling location. They are contacted nightly by the polling location and send newly added or changed information.

The Batch Process/Traditional Polling

The Batch Process refers to the nightly polling operation conducted to consolidate and distribute data between the polling location and the remote locations. The polling operation is conducted via the internet to connect the polling location with a remote location. Since the data being sent between locations contains only new or changed information, the polling operation is very fast.

Duties of the Polling Location

Some information in The Uniform Solution can only be maintained at the polling location. Catalogs, New inventory items, the user list, customer standards, and inventory standards are a few examples of information maintained at the polling location. Requiring this information to be maintained at the polling location simplifies the process and the entire inventory control operation.

 Sharing Data

The polling operation in The Uniform Solution allows each remote location to share as much or as little data with the polling location as you like. It also allows you to choose what data from what locations you would like to see.

Updated on September 6, 2023

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