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How to Preserve Your Store’s Data

Preserving your data preserves your business

We here at Diamond Data Systems care about your business. And your business is dependent on your store’s data. Your data not only contains all your sales history, open accounts, customers, and invoices, it also maintains your inventory. Starting a work day without this data would be like starting over from the ground up.

Therefore, it is important to create a preventative plan to preserve your data. Computers crash, hard drives fail – so you should create a solution that can prevent you from starting over from the ground up. Here are a few options to help you keep moving forward even if you have a major issue.

Your options include saving your daily backups from The Uniform Solution on an external drive. This can give you the flexibility of just moving that external drive to a new PC if that server fails. There is a drawback with this solution – It is still a single point of failure. While it is a benefit to save your data to an external drive, you would still be in trouble if that external device fails.

Other options include using a cloud sync backup service. There are several services (free, or at a cost) available that can help you set up a folder in the cloud. These programs backup and sync the entire folder to the cloud, where it is accessible from any device with internet access. Search online for “best cloud backup” or “best free cloud backup” to compare the available options (*e.g. Backblaze, Dropbox, or Google’s Backup and Sync).

We have a solution that will take care of this for you.

The Uniform Solution Cloud, powered by the Amazon Cloud, means you can access the program from any Tablet or Computer with an internet browser. Among other benefits, backups are made and stored in the cloud with our new platform. You will never have to worry about batching your data again. With The Uniform Solution Cloud all your stores will be on-line together. Customer, inventory, and sales values up-to-date and accurate all the time.

Your store’s data is an important thing to save, and plans can be created in case of extreme circumstances. If you enact preventative measures, then you can arrange to preserve your data in case of hardware failure or even extreme cases (e.g. flooding, hurricane, etc.).

The Uniform Solution Cloud
The Uniform Solution Cloud will be an option in late 2018 and will provide you with the same familiar and easy to use interface you have now. Access your store’s data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

*Diamond Data Systems is not affiliated with nor endorse any of the backup services mentioned. This article is strictly a suggestion for exploring options.


Updated on May 4, 2018

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