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Device Support & Warranty Details

Rent/Lease Hardware

  • – Sub-merchant may retain the rented hardware as long as the sub-merchant continues to make payments
  • – Rented hardware will be replaced at no charge to the sub-merchant if hardware becomes inoperable through no fault of the sub-merchant. This replacement program is offered for the life of the device
  • – If required repairs were caused by willful acts or negligence, the sub-merchant will be charged for repairs

Buy/Purchase Hardware

  • – 1- year warranty that hardware will be free from errors or defects
  • – Hardware covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced at no cost during the warranty period
  • – If hardware is damaged at the fault of the sub-merchant (either by negligence or willful acts), it will be repaired if possible or replaced and charged to the sub-merchant
  • – After the warranty period, the provider will repair or replace non-functioning hardware and charge to the sub-merchant
Updated on November 18, 2022

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