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How to create a Drop Ship

  1. Add a new sale
    1. Click the F4 Get Cust button located on the right of the window to launch the Customer Search window.
    2. Use the Customer Search window to select the customer (Press F2-New at the bottom to add a new customer).
    3. Once the customer is selected, you’re returned to the sale screen. Scan the drop ship item.
    4. Double click on the inventory item, and using the Type drop down menu, select Drop Ship.
    5. Click F5 Payment to complete the Special Order sale.
  2. Create a new PO by selecting the PO icon in the program’s toolbar

    The item must be on a separate PO, shipped from the vendor to the customer’s shipping address.

    1. Click Purchase Order at the bottom left of the window
    2. Select New Purchase Order

    3. Select the vendor for the special order item from the Vendor drop-down menu
    4. Either scan or use the F7-Lookup button to add the item to the purchase order.
    5. Click the F4-Customer button located on the right of the window and select the customer.

    6. Click OK to finish adding the PO.
  3. Allocate the Special Order/ PO
    1. Access the Purchase Order list by selecting the PO button in the program’s toolbar.
    2. Select F3-Spec’s Open on the right of the window

    3. Select the desired special order from the Specials Not Ordered tab, then click F2-Show PO’s

    4. Select a purchase order to allocate to the special order item and click F2-Allocate

    5. Click Yes to complete the allocation

Updated on August 4, 2017

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