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Release Notes: Version 6.54 2021

Release Notes

2021 6.54 Final

v6.54 New/Revisions

1. UniformPay Voids and Deposit Reconciliation. Voiding payments and
the Deposit Reconciliation process produced invalid results after
10-28-21. This has been fixed. Please note that the reconciliation
process for 10-28-21 will show discrepancies that are not fixed.

2. UniformPay Gift Card Swipe. Gift cards from some vendors do not
include a traditional swipe string and could not be read. **Fixed**.

3. Deposit Reconciliation. A rounding error was occurring because the
incorrect number of significant digits was used. **Fixed**.
Some UniformPay transactions were not matching a payment in The
Uniform Solution properly. **Fixed**.

4. Payroll Deduction Balance. Print Invoice was revised to use the
smaller of the original payroll amount or the current balance when
calculating the amount per period.

Updated on October 5, 2022

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