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Release Notes: Version 6.55 2022

Release Notes

2022 6.55

v6.55 New/Revisions

1. Deposit Reconciliation Changes. The option to “Match UniformPay
Mid To Store” no longer requires pressing “Load Transactions” to apply
this to the current results. WebStore Transactions were being included
in the results when the Store was excluded. ***Fixed ***. 

2. Universal School Uniforms (Stani) FTP port changed to 50000, EDI
should work again. DDS-1103 WebStore Availability Online Message

3. Sanita and Members Only VStock. Both of these companies now provide
real-time vendor stock reporting. Make sure you set the proper “Company”
to either “Sanita” or “Members Only” on the Vendorm Form > Purchasing
> Connected Options Tab.

4. Daily Checkout and Cash Flow Reports. These reports can now be set
to have a specified store closing time. To use this feature, go to the
Settings Tab on the Daily Checkout Report and enter the End-of-Day
Close time. Both reports will respect this setting. Invoices and Payments
will be included from the day before the start date (and after
the specified time), but the start date will not be changed in the
heading. Invoices and Payments will stop being included be included
on end date that happen after the end time. The Cash Flow Report
has a checkbox that can activate or deactivate this setting.

5. WebStore Vendor Availability Message. You can now set up your own
description for the Vendor availability message. The default remains “On-Line”
but it can now be changed to something else like “in Warehouse” etc..
On the WebStore Configuration Form, select the “Stock” Settings and enter
the text you want in “On Line Text” entry field. There is a 20 character

6. Mobile App and Local Only Web Servers. The newly released mobile app
requires a SSL certificate to login. If your Web Sever is not secure,
you can either use Let’s Encrypt or the new self-signed certificte option
in the WebStore Web Server Monitor. The Support Team can help set this

7. VFC EDI. Sending an EDI order was failing due to security updates at VFC. ***Fixed ***. .

8. Sub-Account List Tagging. Selecting the F7-Assigned Button on the Customer
List now displays a list of Sub-Accounts that supports Ctrl+Left-Click tagging
and Shift+Left-Click tagging (to tag the customers between the last clicked row).
This is the same functionality provided on the Customer List.

9. UniformPay Payments and Deposits. This Payment sub-menu item replaces
UniformPay Deposit Reconciliation and includes several improvements.
There is an option to Print the Payment Summary and Detail along with
the Deposits using the new Print button. The presentation of the data
has been simplified and renamed for more clarity and the Payment
Summary now shows if the payments Payment Processed in UniformPay
are over/short Payments in The Uniform Solution.

10. Lets Encrypt and SSL Certs. PEM files that validate signed security
certificates have been updated and should resolve some issues
generating Let’s Encrypt and Self-Signed SSL Certificates.

11. WebStore PCI Compliance. TLS v1.2 has been activated for Lets Encyrpt
to address the PCI Compliance Scan failing. If you enterience problems
with your WebStore or Lets Encrypt, you can reset TLS this
WebStoreWS.INI entry, [startup] SSL_TLS_1.2_Only=0. .

12. Gift Card Manifest. ChargeItPro gift card numbers were not readable.***Fixed ***. 

13. WebStore Pickup Stores. You can now set the Pickup Stores to all
store “except” selected stores. Just set the Shopping Cart > Settings >
Store Pickup to “Allow Except at Selected Stores”.

14. Contract Filter for Customer Table. You can now set a Contract on the
Filter General Tab and limit the customer list to customers assigned
to the contract.

15. Cash Flow Report Regression in 6.55rc9. Running the Cash Flow Report
for several months could produce inconsistent results. ***Fixed ***. 

16. UniformPay NO Debit. You can now choose to turn off Debit/Pin entry
for UniformPay transactions by setting the Debit Payment Method to
“inactive”. Processing without debit makes payment transactions faster
and only increases your fees by approximately $10 for every $100K of
payments. Both ApplePay and contactless transactions have never used a
PIN and will continue to work the same. If you wish to turn off Debit
Processing permanently, you can request to have your credit card batch time
set to 12am. This will enable the Daily Checkout and Cash Flow reports to
match your UniformPay Payments for the full day.

17. Uniform Market Order Import Issue. Orders could fail to import if the
taxable status of the shipping option in The Uniform Solution didn’t
match the Order. Also, Orders with items requiring fulfillment were not
properly saved to indicate the items need to be pulled from stock
or placed on a PO. ***Fixed ***. 

18. WebStore Account Link Option. Added a new option to link accounts
to the retail account by using just the phone number. Note: if
the customer has a credit card on file and a phone number matches,
the account will NOT be linked.

Updated on October 5, 2022

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