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Reporting Fraudulent Transactions

The reality of operating an E-commerce presence is that fraud is pervasive and requires vigilance on the part of merchants.

If you suspect that a credit card transaction, either in-person or online, may be fraudulent you will want to hold the order in store and go through the voice authorization process with Worldpay.

Voice Authorization Process

Use the following processes in order to perform voice authorization.

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex Opt Blue transactions

  1. You will need your Worldpay merchant number (MID). (If you do not know your Worldpay MID, contact Payment Services at 334-329-6775 option 4 to request it.)
  2. Call 1.800.991.9911
  3. When prompted, enter the merchant number (MID).
  4. The phone system may not prompt for this information.  If it does not, please continue to the next step.
  5. When prompted for the card number, press #. You will be told the card number is invalid. Do this 3 more times and the system will transfer you to an operator.
  6. If the customer is in-store, inform the operator you need a code 10 authorization. This will let them know you are checking for possible fraud without alerting the customer.

Additional Prompts

    • Press 1 to process another transaction
    • Press 8 to repeat a menu option
    • Press * to return to the main menu
    • Press 0 to speak to an operator

Amex (Standard)

  1. You will need your Amex ID (sometimes referred to as an SE number). (If you do not know your Amex ID contact Uniform Solution support at 972-235-2800 to request it.)
  2. Call 1.800.528.2121
  3. You will be prompted for your Amex ID.
  4. Follow additional prompting

Even if the card passes authorization it may still be a stolen card that just hasn’t been flagged yet. If you still have reservations, hold or cancel the order until you can verify the customer’s identity rather than receive a chargeback later if the real card holder disputes the charges as fraud. This may occasionally inconvenience legitimate customers, but most will appreciate the fact that you are looking out for their financial security.

Updated on February 22, 2022

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