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tDynamo Installation and UniformPay Setup

Equipment Setup:

  1. Unbox charging stand. It comes with a white colored data/power USB cable.
  2. Unbox tDynamo device. It comes with a black charging cable that is not needed for the setup/install.
  3. Remove the plug from the rear of the device.
  4. Seat the tDynamo device into the charging stand firmly.
  5. Use the included round key to turn the locking screw on the back of the stand to lock the device in place.

    Remove the key and set it aside for future use, such as for cleaning or servicing the device.

  6. Make sure the device is firmly locked into the stand.
  7. While the white cable from the stand may be used, it is recommended to use the black 90 degree USB-C cable provided with the device. Plug the black cable into the USB-C port on the tDynamo then plug the USB into an open port on the PC.

Store Setup

  1. Install the latest update for The Uniform Solution.
  2. Under Setup, select Store then Store List.
  3. Double-click on the store UniformPay is to be setup on.
  4. Select the Payments tab.
  5. Select the Retail and Credit Card tabs.
  6. In the Merchant Identifier field enter your UniformPay merchant ID.
  7. Click the ‘Test’ button to validate the merchant ID.
  8. Leave ‘Disable Duplicate Detection’ unchecked.
  9. Select ‘Never’ for signature capture.

Computer Setup

  1. Under Setup, select Computer and the Credit Cards tab.
  2. Select ‘UniformPay’ in the ‘Card Processing Integration’ section.
  3. Click the ‘Select Device’ button and choose ‘MagTek tDynamo USB’ and click OK.
  4. Verify the timeout value is set to 60.
  5. Check box ‘Enable clerk manual entry form’ and click OK.
Updated on July 11, 2022

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