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Switching to UniformPay

This article covers the steps to complete the day you want to go live with UniformPay

If the notated items below are completed, you’re ready to switch to UniformPay! Section 1 will cover the system wide and webstore steps that will be completed one time per store, Section 2 will cover the Station/Computer setup that will be completed at each computer station.


Prior to this tutorial, you will have completed the below steps:

    • Setting up your hardware devices and activating them:
    • Setting up Users and your System settings to support single sign on feature of UniformPay

Section 1 (one-time setup per store)

UniformPay Store Setup


Go to Setup> Store> Store List 

  • Double-click the name of the store you are setting up 
  • Select the Payments tab (#7) 
  • Under the Retail> Credit Card tab select UniformPay 
  • Enter your Merchant Identifier 
  • Set the Disable Duplicate Detection option (unchecked is the recommended setting) 
  • Set the Capture Signature option (Never is the recommended setting) 
  • Select the Gift Card tab. Verify your current gift card processor information is complete (UniformPay does not currently have gift card option) 
  • Under the Webstore> Credit Card tab select UniformPay 
  • Enter your Merchant Identifier 
  • Click OK 

A window will pop-up asking “Is UniformPay Correct?” 

  • Click Yes 
UniformPay WebStore Setup


Go to  Setup> WebStore 

  • Double-click the line with Active under the Status column 
  • From the menu on the left, select Payment Options 
  • Under the Credit Card tab, select UniformPay 
  • Enter your Merchant Identifier 
  • Under the menu to the left, select Save 
  • Close the WebStore Configuration List window 
  • Verify the WebStore refreshes (bottom of window WebStore-Mobile: Ready should briefly change to Starting Up)

Section 2 (to be completed per station)

UniformPay Computer/Station Setup


You will need to complete these steps for each existing computer/station initially and when adding any new computers/stations in the future. 

Go to Setup> Computer 

  • Select the Credit Cards tab (#3) 
  • Under Card Processing Integration select UniformPay 
  • To the right click Select Device and click Yes on the Select Credit Card Device pop-up 
  • Select the terminal to be associated with the computer/station 
  • Click Select 

The added terminal should now appear under Terminal Settings. 


The Signature requirement option can be set at the individual station level, however it is recommended to leave this set to Use store setting. Additionally, the device option to allow manual card entry can be set at the station level.

However, it is recommended that it be set to Never allow manual entry on the deviceIf you would like the clerk to be able to enter card information at the terminal check the Enable clerk manual entry form box. The clerk’s permission to use the form is still controlled by the user security settings for that individual.

Completing a test transaction

This is a completely optional step, but it will show you how to perform a test transaction with the terminal. 


Go to Home> New> New Sale or (Ctrl + I) 

  • In the Scan/Qty: field type *.01 to create a 1 cent transaction for a miscellaneous item. 
  • Press F5 or click the F5-Payment button to the right to bring up the Payment Screen 
  • Click OK to begin the payment process 
  • Insert a payment card into the terminal and follow the directions on the terminal 
  • Once the transaction is approved you can choose to print a receipt, email one, or cancel to bypass producing a receipt.  

Now you will want to void the test transaction. 

Go to Lists> Sales> Sales List or (Crtl + S) 

  • Under the Sales tab (#3) right-click on the test transaction and select Delete Sale. Alternately, Void Sale may be used to keep a record of the cancelled test transaction. 


Deleting the sale will automatically void the transaction. No additional steps are needed.

Updated on January 15, 2021

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