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Print Tag for A Single Item

Tags can be printed in many places in the program. If you’re looking to print a tag for a single item,

  • Select the Item icon in the program’s toolbar
  • On the Inventory List, locate the desired Style and Color on the Styles tab.
  • If printing a tag for a product, select the Products tab
  • Highlight the desired style or product, and select the Stock for Color tab
  • On the Stock for Color tab, highlight the desired size and select F9- Print a Tag 
  • A single tag will be added to the tag queue. Select the Tags icon to bring up the tag queue
  • The Tag Queue Options screen will appear. Select the Print Tag Queue option
  • Select OK and the tag will print
  • A Screen will appear asking if all price tags printed OK. If they did, select Yes. If they did not select No and you’ll have the opportunity to print them again.
Updated on August 4, 2017

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